About us


Baby Breeze (Valmont Belperroud & Marine Moser) is relentlessly striving to be the best toy and baby retail company in the world. It has solidified its position by offering a differentiated shopping experience through its family of brands. With e-commerce sites including babybreeze-shop.com, the company provides shoppers with a broad online selection. Also, the company is committed to serving its communities as a caring and reputable neighbor.

An incredible eye for what's next in fashion. A passionate drive to exceed expectations. For years, we've worked to deliver the best possible shopping experience, helping our customers express their style—not just buy fashion.

Baby Breeze is a leading fashion specialty retailer offering compelling clothing, shoes, and accessories for men, women, and children. Since establishment, we've been committed to providing our customers with the best possible service—and to improving it every day.

This commitment has taken us from a small Seattle shop to the leading fashion specialty retailer we are today.


Baby Breeze stands for fashion confidence. Yours. Ours. Everyones. Want fashion confidence delivered to your door? We do that. We know there can be no online shopping without free and easy returns. We won't stand for anything else. What else we won't stand for? Queues, crowds and circling the parking lot. You shouldn't either. We are changing the way the world shops fashion. We're starting with you.

Our Mission
When people shop for Baby Breeze products, they are not just making purchases; they're writing the next chapter in the story--for themselves, children and someone else. Our mission aimed at making that chapter as memorable and authentic as possible, through dedicated products, personalized experience, and passionate service is not available anywhere else

Baby Breeze is where the young and the young at heart transform from audience members to part of the narrative – where we whisk them away to a timeless world of possibility and imagination. By expanding and echoing the stories of yesterday, today and tomorrow, we proudly provide our guests with memories that last a lifetime.

Our Company works with principles

With us in Baby Breeze are four guiding principles, These consequently affect every decision we make:

• Honesty : We will be sincere with you and will like you to be genuine in return.
• Directness : our time, relationships and goals are essential, so we don’t waste time with indecision or avoidance.
• Charity : We are all human. Caring for each other and our clients are our watchword.
• Empowerment : Fear does not govern us. We are amazing and capable of more than we realize.



• Be adventurous, Creative, and open-minded
• Create long-term Relationships with Our Customers
• Pursue Growth and Learning
• Inspire Happiness and positivity
• Make sure Our Customers are pleased



Our support team of qualified technical professionals is always available to answer and tackle your concerns. Whether you have comments or suggestions to share, we are looking forward to hearing from you. For more expected feedback, feel free to reach out to sales@babybreeze-shop.com